Well were do I start? My year is drawing to an end and I can’t believe that I have nearly done a year. I have experienced and learnt so much this year, I have grown in so many ways.I have started to embrace technology which I honestly thought would never happen. I felt that when… Continue reading

My latest thing I have given a try. I was out at an evening for ladies and learnt some DIY skills. I produced a planter ¬†box and a tool box. Had a heap of fun. I found it very interesting. It may help with things I want to do at work and in the home.… Continue reading

Wow were is the term going? Time is flying away. Busy is the word that sums every part of life at the moment. So much stuff happening at work and outside of work. Its wonderful watch young people grow over the course of the year. They change from timid youngsters into confident young people finding… Continue reading

This term so far has been so busy but in a great way. It is the end of week 3 already. There is so much happening around the school that there seems to be a real buzz to everyone’s step. I feel like I have found my place and it is great to have sense… Continue reading