Term 4

Wow ,wow, wow what a great term. So much happened this term with the students being so busy right up to the end of term.

Today we had the end of year prize giving for the foundation students. It was so good seeing the wonderful kids we work with being acknowledged for all their hard work they have done throughout the year. The music was of such high quality it blew me away as was our wonderful Kapa Haka group. I wish everyone a wonderful Christmas and a safe and happy new year. Looking forward to hearing about all their adventures and getting to know all the new students that will be joining us next year.


Mid Term

End of week 6 and only 4 more weeks to go till the end of term. The learning across the school seems to be switching up a notch with students grasping lots of new challenges. Students that I work with personally are showing new and exciting skills. Watching students grow with their knowledge is what the job is all about. Symtxt numeracy is one class I have seen so much growth in. The learning is at a level that these students can find a huge amount of success. The look on their faces and hearing their comments is really very rewarding.


Term three has begun with a hiss and a roar, kids all focused on their learning. Week one all settling into their new modules, getting to know new teachers. Big projects has been underway for about 4 or 5 weeks so they all are getting into the fun part of that now.

Week 2 Last week we had our open day/night which a lot of families visited HPSS which was wonderful to see. Our team presented an awesome display what we do and what we are all about.

Week 3 the seniors are having their IEMs which looks like it is all going well. We have got lots of jobs done which usually we don’t have time for so very productive day. Our pathways department also had a wonderful display of different careers that are available for them in the future. Great day in general.


Week 10 Term 2

Wow,wow,wow!!! not sure where that term has gone but we are in the last week of term 2. This has been the busiest term with lots of great things happening in and around the classroom. I am literally watching some students grown in their ability and confidence right before my eyes. As they relax themselves into the Hobsonville Point way of life they are also realizing that they can reach great and wonderful things. Success isn’t always measured in their academic ability. The hard work they put into their modules is always acknowledged.

This term I have grown myself and have embraced the training we have had to develop our skills. The testing of YARK for our students has been something I have enjoyed a lot. I feel I am capable of administering the test but still am yet to master all aspects of the scoring. Doing a lot more support for our SAC students which I feel is a huge privilege to be able to assist in their assessments which will hopefully end in a lot of success for them. Our priority learners have been a great and busy bunch of students which is always a rewarding part of the job to be able to help them. The morning PDs we have had this term have been excellent and I have learnt a massive amount from them.



Today was a day filled with student IEM’s which means we were able to work on all the things that needed to be done. We got so many jobs done and also looked at and worked through things to further our knowledge of the jobs we already do. It was a day that I feel was good for job completion and a bit of housework in the office.It always feels good to get on top of jobs I guess its a bit like  house work it feels good to get things done. We spend all our time in the classes with the kids normally so always nice to get the PD side in order.


Day One to Twenty One

My challenge to myself and part of a Hub activity is to do something for 21 consecutive days. I have decided that mine is to make sure that I post a Blog every day for 21 days.

Day 2

Today was another full on day at school with lots to do. I love that I get such a variety of things to do with my work. My inquiry partner and myself had a really good block today to work on our inquiry I feel we got a lot done and have a strong direction with our inquiry.

Day 3

The kick off for Big Projects today. Kids seem to be totally engaged and all working together in their groups nicely. I’m in the Science Sustainability project and it’s all about solar panels,water testing and greenhouses. It’s going to be a very interesting.

In extended hub today we had a fun game activity run by one of our amazing students. It was a lot of fun and I love being a member of Awaiti Hub.

Day 4

Today was a great day at work, I really enjoyed my day. Last block was exceptionally rewarding in Symtxt. The students made oobleck and it was a total success, they were totally engaged and had a great learning experience.

Day 5

Great day at work today. Started with a fantastic PD in the morning, I found it extremely interesting and got a lot out of it. First Block was extended hub and we had a netball game against Liz’s hub. Unfortunately we lost but it was a great game. It was really nice to see great sportsmanship and everyone enjoying themselves.  Last block was also a lot of fun. The student I work with,myself and another student had a game of battleships. We were working on plotting for part of his maths module. It was a great way to end an already awesome day. Looking forward to the long weekend and recharging the batteries so I’m already to go next week.

Day 6

Well long weekend done and dusted, nice and relaxing. First day back at school for a teacher only day. Lots of great work being done across the school with different workshops. Love these days as I find them very rewarding and learn a lot from all the wonderful teachers I work along side. Part of the day was spent working with our team and getting lots of things done which was a great feeling of achievement.

Day 7

Kids all back today and was a good day with learning. The term is going so fast its amazing.

Day 8

Today I really enjoyed the last block where I spent my time working with a great student. We said farewell to one of our staff members as well,sad but wish him well in his ventures.

Day 9

So far this week I haven’t had time to post anything. It has been an absolutely crazy busy week. It has been full of redirecting ourselves with people away and lots of support across the board. I really like it when there is so much to do, you feel like you have a purpose. It is neat being involved with students doing assessments. I have  really noticed that a lot of students have grown over the past year and are very focused in their studies so that they can set themselves up for their futures.

Day 10

Big Projects is coming along nicely, kids are all busy and doing lots of research with their projects. Nice to have our team all back on board and also all of them feeling a lot better. Busy selecting the new modules for Terms 3 and 4. Two weeks left of this term then the holidays not sure where it has all gone.




Big Project Day

The start of Big Projects was such a cool day today. there was a selection of things to pick from and how the students did this was, they had a short information session with the teacher that was going to take that project. I thought all the projects sounded really good and they have tried to make things interesting for everyone.

The partners that we will be working with Kapatiki have a huge amount of knowledge and passion for the work and the environment. This I am sure will be infectious for our students and teachers alike.

I am looking forward to getting involved with the projects on offer. Can’t wait to see all the different things that the students design and come up with.



Term 2 wow! the holidays went by without any disasters and I”m pleased to be back at work all recharged and ready to go. The students have returned full of energy and seem excited to start another term. I’m looking forward to see what challenges and also what achievements myself personally and the success of the students I work with come across this term.

Today was the kick off for Big Projects and I am feeling really pumped about it. Looks like there will be something interesting for everyone.



The rapid waters of term one are nearly at an end. This journey has been one of many things for me. I have had some professional highs such as working with the most amazing team. I have completed my first Critical Friend, learnt new technology, Spiral of Inquiry and generally have a feeling of having some impact on students learning. My confidence in myself has grown also along with my outlook on my ability to make a difference. It has been so nice to see all the year 9 students come into our school looking very timid and now are making their way around with confidence. It is lovely to walk down the hall and have students saying good morning and inquiring on how you are.

Big Projects has been yet again a very busy and exciting time. I am really looking forward to the Come Fly with Me day on Sunday. The students as usual at HPSS have work extremely had and their work is of a very high standard for the community event. I’m sure will be really great. Great way to end the term.






Last week I worked with a student that I spent most of last year with. She is on a Pathway program at school this year and was having trouble finding a company in the industry she would like to work in. I helped her construct a letter to send off to some companies. The next day she contacted me with a total success story. The first company on our list got back to her with the response of they would love to take her on a couple of days a week. It is so rewarding to see a student find a direction and opportunity to move on that direction. I do wish this student the best of luck and look forward to the stories that they will share.