Week 10 Term 2

Wow,wow,wow!!! not sure where that term has gone but we are in the last week of term 2. This has been the busiest term with lots of great things happening in and around the classroom. I am literally watching some students grown in their ability and confidence right before my eyes. As they relax themselves into the Hobsonville Point way of life they are also realizing that they can reach great and wonderful things. Success isn’t always measured in their academic ability. The hard work they put into their modules is always acknowledged.

This term I have grown myself and have embraced the training we have had to develop our skills. The testing of YARK for our students has been something I have enjoyed a lot. I feel I am capable of administering the test but still am yet to master all aspects of the scoring. Doing a lot more support for our SAC students which I feel is a huge privilege to be able to assist in their assessments which will hopefully end in a lot of success for them. Our priority learners have been a great and busy bunch of students which is always a rewarding part of the job to be able to help them. The morning PDs we have had this term have been excellent and I have learnt a massive amount from them.


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