Day One to Twenty One

My challenge to myself and part of a Hub activity is to do something for 21 consecutive days. I have decided that mine is to make sure that I post a Blog every day for 21 days.

Day 2

Today was another full on day at school with lots to do. I love that I get such a variety of things to do with my work. My inquiry partner and myself had a really good block today to work on our inquiry I feel we got a lot done and have a strong direction with our inquiry.

Day 3

The kick off for Big Projects today. Kids seem to be totally engaged and all working together in their groups nicely. I’m in the Science Sustainability project and it’s all about solar panels,water testing and greenhouses. It’s going to be a very interesting.

In extended hub today we had a fun game activity run by one of our amazing students. It was a lot of fun and I love being a member of Awaiti Hub.

Day 4

Today was a great day at work, I really enjoyed my day. Last block was exceptionally rewarding in Symtxt. The students made oobleck and it was a total success, they were totally engaged and had a great learning experience.

Day 5

Great day at work today. Started with a fantastic PD in the morning, I found it extremely interesting and got a lot out of it. First Block was extended hub and we had a netball game against Liz’s hub. Unfortunately we lost but it was a great game. It was really nice to see great sportsmanship and everyone enjoying themselves.  Last block was also a lot of fun. The student I work with,myself and another student had a game of battleships. We were working on plotting for part of his maths module. It was a great way to end an already awesome day. Looking forward to the long weekend and recharging the batteries so I’m already to go next week.

Day 6

Well long weekend done and dusted, nice and relaxing. First day back at school for a teacher only day. Lots of great work being done across the school with different workshops. Love these days as I find them very rewarding and learn a lot from all the wonderful teachers I work along side. Part of the day was spent working with our team and getting lots of things done which was a great feeling of achievement.

Day 7

Kids all back today and was a good day with learning. The term is going so fast its amazing.

Day 8

Today I really enjoyed the last block where I spent my time working with a great student. We said farewell to one of our staff members as well,sad but wish him well in his ventures.

Day 9

So far this week I haven’t had time to post anything. It has been an absolutely crazy busy week. It has been full of redirecting ourselves with people away and lots of support across the board. I really like it when there is so much to do, you feel like you have a purpose. It is neat being involved with students doing assessments. I have  really noticed that a lot of students have grown over the past year and are very focused in their studies so that they can set themselves up for their futures.

Day 10

Big Projects is coming along nicely, kids are all busy and doing lots of research with their projects. Nice to have our team all back on board and also all of them feeling a lot better. Busy selecting the new modules for Terms 3 and 4. Two weeks left of this term then the holidays not sure where it has all gone.



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