The rapid waters of term one are nearly at an end. This journey has been one of many things for me. I have had some professional highs such as working with the most amazing team. I have completed my first Critical Friend, learnt new technology, Spiral of Inquiry and generally have a feeling of having some impact on students learning. My confidence in myself has grown also along with my outlook on my ability to make a difference. It has been so nice to see all the year 9 students come into our school looking very timid and now are making their way around with confidence. It is lovely to walk down the hall and have students saying good morning and inquiring on how you are.

Big Projects has been yet again a very busy and exciting time. I am really looking forward to the Come Fly with Me day on Sunday. The students as usual at HPSS have work extremely had and their work is of a very high standard for the community event. I’m sure will be really great. Great way to end the term.






Last week I worked with a student that I spent most of last year with. She is on a Pathway program at school this year and was having trouble finding a company in the industry she would like to work in. I helped her construct a letter to send off to some companies. The next day she contacted me with a total success story. The first company on our list got back to her with the response of they would love to take her on a couple of days a week. It is so rewarding to see a student find a direction and opportunity to move on that direction. I do wish this student the best of luck and look forward to the stories that they will share.