Shave for a Cure

On Friday I had the privilege of shaving off the hair of two of my team members at work. It was a lot of fun for a very serious cause. I feel so lucky to work with such strong and caring ladies. You guys ROCKshave_share_1200x630


Busy Times

Have been so busy lately that I haven’t been on my blog for a while. Have lots of new things happening that I need to feel my way with. They have challenged me quit a bit but I am enjoying the experience so much. Sometimes as we get older we can find we get into a comfortable place and just stay there. I’m not talking about a physical place but rather the comfortable routines we get into. We tend to choose activities that we are familiar with and know we will succeed at but is that really giving us satisfaction? I used to think it did but how wrong was I. I have found that I feel more alive and also much stronger with just pushing my boundaries with learning new things. It makes you want everyone to feel that.