The Good,Bad and Awesome

Being part of the supported learning team is an extremely interesting job. Your day is a bit like the Auckland weather, you can get 4 seasons in one day.

Last week I was in a module that had such a great buzz to it that it was infectious. The teachers and students made me feel useful and very welcome. This week so far I have had a mixed bag to the start of my week. The  class I was in for the start of the day, seemed to think that I would be their joke for the morning. These are the days that you do question why you do this job. You then move onto another area and again feel your need which really does make a difference to my day. I do love my job and the variety that it gives me.

I have  sons who are both struggling learners so I understand how the kids feel and that they don’t want to be seen as different.

My youngest son has had to deal with a huge amount of change starting his high school years. He has had to deal with environment,work,social changes and has coped with this extremely well considering his challenges. Last night  while he was trying to understand some maths work that has been completely stressing him out because it so way above his level, I was reminded of why I chose to become a teacher aide. The kids we work with have to work 100 times harder than others and sometimes still don’t get things this doesn’t mean they won’t get it but they may take bit longer.  For people that don’t struggle we can tend to forget that not everyone gets things easily.

As a mum I had a very proud moment when my eldest son came in and sat with his very upset brother and stressed out mum. He asked me what it was I was trying to get his brother to understand. He then sat with him for a long time and finally he was able to get him to see what it was that he to do. Both my boys both have dyslexia which affects them in different ways.It was so heart warming to know that they can bounce off each other but also a reminder that teaching isn’t always about being at a top level. Its about understanding and achieving at your level. That’s success !

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